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Stay healthy and active

You can remain independent for longer by living a healthy lifestyle, eating well and keeping fit through exercise.

Staying active, looking after yourself and eating well can help you stay healthy and independent. This means you're able to live longer in your own home, delaying the need for social care. You might experience other benefits from staying active, such as making friends and feeling part of a community. How to stay healthy Look after yourself Making changes to your lifestyle and staying active will help keep you healthy. You can read advice about changing habits on OneLife Suffolk about how to stop smoking or lose weight. Our Healthy Suffolk website provides advice on topics such as alcohol, blood pressure and self-care. Eat well Keep well and reduce the risk of long-term illness by healthy eating or changing your what you eat. Here are some websites with advice:

  • Change4Life: advice on how eating well can help you have a healthier and longer life

  • NHS Eat well: tips for healthy eating

Diet, nutrition and allergy information:

  • British Dietetic Association: fact sheets on diet, food labelling, weight loss and nutrition for all ages

  • Local eating disorders support groups

  • NHS: eating disorders and food allergies

  • Video: a guide to healthy eating and diabetes for the African & Caribbean Community

How to stay active Exercise and keeping fit

Popular ways of exercising include:


  • running

  • cycling

  • swimming

  • playing a sport

  • fitness classes or going to the gym

OneLife Suffolk provides fun and interactive programmes for staying active. Most Active County provides information ab

out activities to help you stay active, such as cycling and walking. You can start looking for exercise groups, clubs or classes by visiting:

  • Suffolk InfoLink

  • Active Suffolk

Walking OneLife Suffolk runs local Wellbeing Walks, which are free and led by trained volunteers. Explore local walking routes and discover the benefits of taking regular walks. Cycling You can find information about town

county cycle routes and safety on the road. Here's a list of local cycle clubs that you can join. The Green Bike Project refurbishes unwanted cycles and uses them for a variety of community uses, including selling them at affordable prices, hire, pool bike schemes for local businesses and an exercise on referral scheme. Continue learning It's useful to keep learning new hobbies, skills and staying mentally active as you get older. Visit our community directory Suffolk InfoLink to find a hobby to try, local classes, clubs or a society. Become a volunteer Volunteering can be a good way of staying fit and active. It can also be very social and rewarding.

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