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Oytun Aygun


My approach to yoga is the Original Yoga System. It is an 8-step personal development system. I have been practicing it for more than 17 years and I have been teaching it in Paris for 6 years.


An Original Yoga System class is a comprehensive yoga program that features breathing exercises, bio-energy techniques, asanas (postures), concentration-meditation and relaxation. It is a universal system of personal development and self-discovery suitable for everyone.


I am completely passionate about the Original Yoga System which I teach at Studio Coach In on the one hand and I develop   university research on the benefits of this system On the other hand.


Come and discover this experience of body-mind unification and deep relaxation that will allow you to discover yourself even more!



Remy Babielle


Sport is more than a passion for me, it's a way of life.

Through my personal experience and my knowledge, I want you to discover physical preparation from another angle.

My goal is to make you explore the possibilities of your body using personalized programs taking into account your specificities and adapting to your level while taking you out of your comfort zone, because that is where your room for improvement.


  I also want to show you that sport is not boring and above all that it can be very useful in everyday life, especially thanks to functional training, and that you can come out of each session with a smile!

Smail Kichou


Sports coach for more than twenty years in Paris and its region.

Having always been passionate about sports, my choice was naturally oriented towards the profession of physical trainer.


My philosophy and my individual approach have evolved to give the following: each person has their specificities, according to their morphology, their center of gravity, and their age which accentuates all the imbalances, and the compensations that this entails.


Studying each morphology is essential for the relevance and safety of the work plan.

Without forgetting of course the playful side and the pleasure of living your body.


Nilza Rodrigues


Passionate about sport since my childhood in my native Brazil, I cultivate the art of movement in all its forms from fitness, athletics and dance. 

Your well-being is my #1 goal. I adopt a global approach to my mission: it is not only a question of accompanying you in physical fitness, but also in a journey towards greater well-being. 
The personalized and complete training that I offer takes into account multiple parameters: morphological, psychological, age, sporting past, etc.
The goal is to (re)build your health capital through sports practice.

The most important thing in my eyes in my relationship with you is to be in a dynamic of sharing: I sweat, you sweat, we sweat and move forward together! Let's go!!!

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Irina Sirinelli


Graduated in Fitness (BPJEPS) in 2022, I am particularly interested in activities that require body control, flexibility, coordination of movements and balance. Stretching is my favorite activity! And I want to continue on this path by opening myself up to the practice of contortion.


In the lessons that I give, my driving force is to see the progress over time of the students, and especially their reaction when they themselves measure their progress after a few sessions: they are the first to be surprised at their abilities. Whatever the starting level, the main thing is to believe in it and give it your all.

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Wesley Caffa


Sport remains a passion for me but also a form of well-being.
Thanks to my physical and theoretical experience that I assimilate in bpjeps training, I want you to discover this notion of   well-being through sport.

My goal is to develop your physical performance using an individualized program that will take into account all your physical qualities and weaknesses to bring out your full potential.

Through "health sport",  I could show you in a playful way  the pleasure of living with the balance of your body and seeing how our body is capable of doing anything.


Denis Tran


Trainee in BPJEPS AF, I am passionate about the practice of bodybuilding, athletic strength and weightlifting.

Formerly in the banking sector, I turned to sports coaching out of a passion for human relations and educational support.

What I seek to convey is the love of performance at the service of physical and mental well-being. Performance is health!
I dedicate all my attention to the optimization of the technique according to the morphologies, the muscular weak points of my practitioners, before accentuating the effort in a varied way within my classes.


Walid Bandhoo


Indian of origin and doctoral student in anthropology and folk dances, I studied for many years the art of movement, well-being, fitness and physical maintenance.

I attach particular importance to the effort being made while respecting the body with fluidity and precision of execution.


In the practice of Yoga and gentle methods I explore the limits of the body, breathing techniques as well as consciousness and presence.  


I accompany you in the development of the deep muscles of the center of the body and joint relaxation during Pilates sessions.


My sessions are adapted according to the public present and the practice is accessible to all levels.

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