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Séance de gym

To stay healthy and be in better physical shape, going to a gym is essential. If you live in Paris or Vanves, the premises of Studio Coachin are available to you.

Features of the gym

A gym is a place where you do physical activities that aim to optimize a person's physical condition and lifestyle. Indeed, for everyone's well-being, playing sports in a Paris Vanves gym consists in particular of carrying out cardiovascular training using the modern equipment found there.  

The fitness room must have equipment such as a treadmill, treadmill, ergometer simulator, exercise bike, elliptical trainer, stair simulator or rower._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In local gyms, exercises can also take place in the form of rhythmic gymnastics, that is, doing sports while listening to music. However, you will also be able to take advantage of new disciplines, supervised by qualified coaches, to guide you in your practice and ensure that you get the most out of your training.


The distance

Choosing a gym near your home or workplace makes it easy to get there. Indeed, with the fatigue of the day, you can decide to go home after relaxing your muscles in a gym in Vanves. The advantage of living close to your gym is to be able to go there without too much effort even when you are not working. Thus, not having a long journey to make after sport promotes motivation and attendance. It also saves you from investing a fortune in travel.


If you are motivated and also have the ability to pursue your goals, you can invest in your membership without hesitation. It should be noted that if you feel partially motivated, or have fears about getting involved in a gym, we can offer you a free trial session at Studio Coachin. Thus, you can confirm the correspondence of the room to your different criteria and start training to feel the benefits of sport on health.

The results obtained by former users of the gym

Sport has several benefits for human health in general. Indeed, among its benefits, we can undoubtedly note the ability to optimize breathing and cardiovascular endurance. It improves the balance and coordination of the human body. It is also a very effective activity to lose weight and also to sculpt the silhouette. 

With the help of coaches in various disciplines, you will never be on your own in the event of difficulties and will make the most of your subscription.

Before choosing your gym in Vanves, you can find out from those who have already attended said gym. Based on the opinions collected, you can be definitely reassured.

Salle de sport - Studio Coach In
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The sport room

Subscription from €99  

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