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What is HIIT?

Focus  on short but intense training!

You've certainly heard this word, but you still don't really know what HIIT is? So we are finally going to reveal everything to you about what this famous HIIT is, enough to impress your friends;). First of all let's go back to the definition of this acronym "HIIT" which means "Hight intensity Interval Training, literally in French: "Training at high intensity intervals". You will therefore have understood it, because as its name suggests, the principle of this training is to be of short duration, but of high intensity!
This means giving maximum and 100% complete effort during short intense exercises, followed by a short recovery period. How long does a HIIT workout last? This is certainly the main argument and also the foundation of HIIT training. So yes, it takes a lot of effort, and pushing your body to its maximum, but the good news is that it shouldn't last long! Even if this duration can vary significantly, the average duration is 30 min. Beyond that, the risk of injury increases sharply. So no more excuse "I don't have time to exercise" because in just 30 minutes a day, it is totally possible to talk. You will just have to agree to sacrifice an episode of your favorite Netflix series ;)​

The benefits of HIIT

1) A complete workout.
The exercises that form the basis of a HIIT workout generally engage all major muscle groups, and for that matter
you feel it! Indeed, jump squats, burpees, sprints, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. challenge both your muscles and your heart. Perfect combo for a top shape!
2) Increase metabolism.

Although it is fast, its effects are long lasting! Indeed, HIIT would increase the thermogenic effect in the body during the session, which
would in turn increase the length of time you will burn calories the rest of the day. A good way to start your day for example!

3) Convenient.
This is still the big advantage of this training method!
HIIT is convenient because it only requires 30 minutes of your time and no special equipment. Indeed, very few EFFECTIVE trainings allow these two aspects! You now know almost everything about HIIT, enough to get started now, because although it is not a leisurely walk in the park, its results could be impressive and especially in a very short time!


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