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What is the full body?

But for what purpose?

Sequence of several exercises working the whole body without taking a break!  Pectorals, shoulders, back muscles, thighs, biceps, triceps, abs, anything goes!

The impact of a full body on your body will be at 4 levels:

  • Muscular: with the mobilization at high or medium intensity of your muscle fibres, this will allow you to gain mass and strength (effective for beginners and intermediates). Obviously, compared to a real mass or strength session, the gains will be less, but this is a good compromise.

  • Cardiovascular: increase in VO2 max (maximum volume of oxygen that the cardiovascular system can use in 1 minute during maximum effort. This volume is measured in milliliters per minute per kilogram of body weight). In other words, it will increase your power and aerobic endurance.

  • Hormonal: training with a heavy load and of short duration increases the secretion of growth hormone.

  • Aesthetics: by combining your sessions with a good diet (with controlled carbohydrate intake), your fat mass will visibly reduce.


  • You save time!

  • You progress quickly, because you use the same muscle group several 

times per week

  • Your muscular development will be aesthetically more harmonious, if 

you don't forget any muscle group!

  • This type of training is hard at first, but it will energize your 

motivation if you can do it

  • It contributes to fat loss if you add the right intensity to it and 

the right diet plan


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