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What is pilates?

It is a balance, product of genius between:

  • “Eastern & Western” techniques

  • “Current & traditional” techniques

  • It's both trendy and timeless

  • SCIENCE of the body & ART of movement

  • Engagement of body and mind

Effective physical work and feeling of relaxation
Pilates is gentle and intense; Simple and effective.​

Who is pilates for?

Young or old, athletic or not, female or male, it doesn't matter. Pilates really adapts to everyone because it is a progressive method designed to meet everyone's needs and physical conditions. This is why it is interesting to practice it in a small committee so that the coach can have an eye on each of the participants and thus offer them the most appropriate variations! If you already have a regular sports practice, know that Pilates can be an excellent complement, because your movements will become more efficient, because they are better controlled and the risk of injury or muscle imbalance will decrease.

Material :

Pilates is a physical training method inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics. It is practiced on the ground, on a carpet, or using devices. “Proprioceptive toys” are also used. These objects (balloons, springs, rubber bands, circles) induce imbalances, which encourage the body to call upon a specific series of stabilizing muscles. A gentle technique, body and mind, to strengthen deep postural muscles, based on movement control and specific breathing.

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